Wednesday, July 10, 2019

A collaborative art piece. 

This term we have been working hard on a collaborative art piece for the art exhibition in week 6 next term.  

First, we learnt about natural and man-made materials and what would be suitable to weave with.  

Next, we built the weaving frame. 
Then we collected what we could from around the school and began to weave.  


Big Thanks to those who brought materials in for us to add to our piece. 
                              It looks AMAZING  !!!!


We have been learning about measurement in Room 4.  We are learning to predict, length, mass, capacity and then measure using a self-chosen unit. 
We also had lots of fun learning to give directions, turns, left and right to someone who was blindfolded. 

Building a tall tower.
Building a wide wall.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Making Matariki Soup.

We had a fantastic time on Friday making our Matariki soup.  Thanks to everyone who brought in a vegetable. 

We worked together in teams to cut, grate, slice, chop, stir, decorate and create our Matariki feast.  

First we had to plan what we would put in the soup and who had which job. 

 Then we got into action and cooked a delicious feast. 
Well done Room 4. 


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kowhai Museum trip. 

In week two Kowhai team visited the Waikato Museum.  
Our lovely guides showed us around.  We looked at the special Te Ao Maori and Matariki displays of the museum. We were so amazed at the stories and light display.  
Then we got to make Te Winika (a waka) and draw koru patterns to decorate it. 
We learnt about the beautiful Po in the museum and how they tell stories and history. We made a Po of our own to take home. 
Thanks to all the parents who came along to support us !!!!
It was a fantastic trip.  



On Friday we had turns at cutting and preparing the kumara to eat. 
 We roasted kumara chips and pumpkin chips.  Most people liked the kumara chips.  

For some children, it was the first time they had tried it.  They were yum! 

Weaving with Flax.  
This term we are exploring weaving as part of learning about the processes of art.  Rachel helped guide the children with the flax weaving of a Kete.  It was very fiddly! and the flax was slippery.